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Welcome to MilimaCode

MilimaCode is a software house specializing in Android and iOS. Our first Android application, McCal, has just been released.


McCal: Scientific Calculator Next Generation.

McCal is a programmable scientific calculator for Android. McCal is NOT an RPN (reverse polish notation) calculator.

Major features of McCal and McCal-lite:

'Getting Started' document for McCal is available.

McCal-lite is a free version of McCal. If you have found McCal-lite useful, please support us by purchasing a copy of McCal. McCal has more useful features not found in the free version!

Google's page for McCal-lite: click here.

Google's page for McCal: click here.

*Excel is a trademark of Microsoft Corp.

What's New?

We are pleased to announce McCal Version 4 (2016.6.4). McCal now supports multiple keyboard layouts, and landscape-mode. The document system is thoroughly improved.

Upper-case letters are now allowed for variable names. Power-operator (^) now supports complex numbers in its index part.

We support 'copy-and-paste' with the following office applications.

The programs below do not seem to support 'Copy-and-Paste'.